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A young performer Salvador Sobralwill represent Portugal

Published 08 Mar 00:00

A young performer Salvador Sobralwill represent Portugal

In Portugal, the participant who will present the country at Eurovision 2017 in Kievwas selected. The winner is a young singer Salvador Sobral with the composition "Amar pelosdois". The Portuguese is expected in the first Semi-Final on May 9. The winner in Portugal was chosen based on the results of viewers’ votes, as well as7 representatives of the local jury.

About the Selection

The final of the selection of Eurovision 2017 in Portugal, Festival da Canção 2017, was held in the concert hall "Coliseu dos Recreios" in Lisbon. The hosts were Silvia Alberto and Catarina Furtado. The gala show of the selection was also dedicated to the 60th anniversary of RTP, the Portuguese broadcaster.

Eight performerstried their skills in the selection, but the singer Salvador Sobral with the composition “Amar pelosdois”(“Love Enough For Two”) won the victory. Sobral’s sister Luisa Amar PelosDois wrote the song for the show. The vote of the viewers (50%)and the regional Portuguese jury (50%) determined the winner.

About Salvador and Luisa

Louise is 27. Portuguese jazz is not very dominant on the world stage, although it is rather peculiar and interesting. Since 16, Louise started performing with her songs, then left for New York and continued to practise jazz in the prestigious Berklee College of Music.

The owner of an interesting voice, the author and the singer of songs in Portuguese and English, she plays the guitar and harp. By combining and incorporating the music of her idols Ella Fitzgerald, Björk, Chet Baker, the Beatles and Billy Holiday, Sobraladorns contests and festivals, winning many awards. During four years of studying in Boston, she was nominated for the Best Jazz Actor and Best Jazz Song at the Hollywood Music Awards (2008), International Songwriting Competition (2007) and even The John Lennon Songwriting Competition (2008). In 2011, the debut album of the singer “The Cherry On My Cake” was released.

A young performer Salvador Sobralwill represent Portugal

Luisa told that she had never thought of performing the composition "Amar pelosdois" herself because while creating the composition she was thinking about her brother’s voice. She is sure that Salvador is an exceptional singer and she enjoys seeing him at the contest. Their cooperation is a family thing, as she explains.

Slavador Sobral also praises his sister, as he is sure that this is a great chance to present a wonderful song to the world audience.

Salvador Sobral first appeared in public in the 3rd season of the Idolos show in 2010 and eventually took the 7th place. He studied Psychology, but a huge passion for music, and took up. During his four years in the US, and then in Barcelona, where he studied jazz at the prestigious Taller de Musics school, Sobralcreated several musical projects. Together with his band, he released a live album "Live at Cosmic Blend Studios" in 2012. While living in Barcelona, he recorded an album with a pop-indie team "NokoWoi", and deserved an invitation to the Sonar Festival in 2014.

The album "Excuse Me", released in 2016, was the consequence of all his trips and various influences on the young musician's work, from jazz to world music. Co-producers of the album were the pianist Julio Rezede and a talented Venezuelan composer Leonardo Aldrey. Jazz, Brazilian music and the sounds of Latin America, in which he sinks for inspiration, also have strong influence in his album. Salvador Sobral has proved that he is already not just a promising performer, but a singer "who can convey a unique musical sensuality on stage."

About the Competition

In the selection, there were eight performers who could qualify for the finals from the semifinals held earlier.

The finalists of Festival da Canção 2017 were:

  1. Jorge Benvinda– “Gente Bestial” (NunoFigueiredo) (15 points - 4th)
  2. Pedro Gonçalves– “Don't Walk Away” (João Pedro Coimbra) (13 points - 6th)
  3. Lena d’Agua– “Nunca Me FuiEmbora” (Pedro Silva Martins) (8 points - 7th)
  4. Salvador Sobral– “Amar PelosDois” (LuísaSobral) (22 points - 1st)
  5. Fernando Daniel – “Poema a Dois” (Nuno Feist) (14 points - 5th)
  6. Celina Da Piedade– “Primavera” (Celina da Piedade) (16 points - 3rd)
  7. DeolindaKinzimba– “O que Eu Vi nos Meus Sonhos” (Rita Redshoes) (7 points - 8th)
  8. Viva La Diva – “Nova Glória” (NunoGonçalves) (18 points - 2nd)

Salvador Sobral with the composition "Amar pelosdois"was awarded with the highest number of points from the 7 regional juries, while he was only second by televoting. The viewers gave 18 points to Nova Gloria.Consequently, the winner of the Portuguese selection became the singer Salvador Sobraland he will present the country at the first Semi-Final on May 9 in Kyiv.

If you need more info, you can visit RTP site on Festival da Canção.

Portugal and its steps in Eurovision 2017

Portugal has been performing at Eurovision since 1964. It is in the company of the countries that is in the list of anti-records of Eurovision: from the number of countries that have never won in this contest, it continues its longest period of failures. The best result in the finals is the 6th place in 1996 with the song “O meu coraçãonão tem cor” (“My heart has no colour”) performed by Lúcia Moniz, and in the semifinal - the 2nd place in 2008. In 2014, Portugal returned to the competition. Portugal hopes to break into the final of the contest for the first time since 2010, returning to Eurovision 2017 after a one-year absence in 2016.

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