Are you ready for the SunStroke from Moldova in May?

Published 14 Mar 00:00

Are you ready for the SunStroke from Moldova in May? The SunStroke Project succeeded to win in ‘O melodiepentru Europa’in Moldovain 2017. Thanks to the song “Hey Mamma”, they received an opportunity to represent Moldova in Kiev in the Semi-Final on May 9. According to the jury, the band became the second, gaining 10 points. The first place was given to the Ethno Republic & Surorile Osoianu and its song "Discover Moldova". However, following the points of televoting, which became the determining factor, the seats were distributed on the contrary. On the first line here was the Sun Stroke Project, the second position occupiedEthno Republic & Surorile Osoianu and the third place was given to Diana Brescan. Consequently, the SunStroke Projectbecomes the contestant from Moldova at Eurovision 2017 in Kiev. Among the top three winners were:
  1. SunStroke Project – “Hey Mamma!”
  2. Ethno Republic & Surorile Osoianu – “Discover Moldova”
  3. Diana Brescan – “Breath”
The final 2017 in Moldova
Eight contestants participated in the National Eurovision Song Contest Final in Moldova, which was conducted by the National Television and Radio Company.
  1. SunStroke Project – “Hey Mamma!”
  2. Samir Loghin – “Glow”
  3. Valeria Pașa – “Freedom”
  4. Aurel Chirtoacă – “Dor de mama”
  5. Diana Brescan – “Breath”
  6. Marks &Stefanet– “Join Us in the Rain”
  7. Ethno Republic & Surorile Osoianu – “Discover Moldova”
  8. Vozniuc feat. VioGrecu – “Don't Lie”.
The representor from Moldova at the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 Lidia Isac gave a mini concert in the interval of the event. There were 14 participants in the semi-final. They were competing for the 8 places in the final. The jury of music professionals chose4 performers in the semi-finals and four were selected by the televoters. You have a chance to look through the list of participants in the live story feature.
The Sunstroke Project
Are you ready for the SunStroke from Moldova in May? The members of the band are Sergei Yalovitsky (vocals), Sergey Stepanov (saxophonist) and Anton Ragoza (violinist and composer). The band has already tried their skills in the national selection for the fourth time. They have a rich experience of participation. The SunStroke Project andOliaTira represented the country at Eurovision in 2010. In Norway, they took the 22nd place with the composition “Run Away”. But the band entered the book of Eurovision records with the best solo in the event’s history in 2013. After the appearance at Eurovision, Sergey Stepanov presented his solo at YouTube, playing on a loop. His performance got 30 mln views and gave way to numerous copycat videos and parodies.
Moldova and Eurovision
Prior to that, the representatives of Moldova participated in Eurovision twelve times. So far, the best achievement is the 6th place of the group Zdobşi Zdub with the composition "Bunica bate toba", shown in 2005 also in Kiev. In the period from 2005 and 2013, Moldova did not enter the Grand Final only once. Beginning from 2013, the country did not succeed to join the final and only in 2015, they nearly did this with Eduard Romanyutawho finished on the 11th position.
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