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At Eurovision 2017 Greece will be represented by Demy

Published 05 Mar 00:00

At Eurovision 2017 Greece will be represented by Demy?

A state broadcasting company ERT announced the composition of the Greek delegation at the European Eurovision Song Contest 2017. The channel ERT solely managed to choose the participant from Greece. If last year the organizers were betting on the topic of migrants and refugees, this time they turned to the classic win-win option and a young, pretty and droll girl named Demy leaves for Kiev.A young Greek woman will perform the song "This is Love".

The Team

The singer Demy will compete for the main award of the competition on behalf of Greece, and she will be accompanied by thecomposer Dimitris Kontopoulos and director Fokas Evaggelinos.

Dimitris wrote a number of songs for Eurovision, including "You are the only one" (Russia 2016) and "Shady Lady" (Ukraine, 2008). In addition, Fokas Evaggelinos will work with the singer to create her performance show. Fokas is the creator of Russia's performances in 2016 contest, as well as of Greece’s in 2009 and Azerbaijan’s in 2013.

Dimitra Papadeaakin Demy

The main face of Eurovision 2017 from Greece, Dimitra Papadea (namely, this is the real name of Demy) is a talented performer and songwriter from Athens, who started her career as a part of the band Midenistis. At home, Demy is famous for her album "No. 1 ", as well as singles "Fallin," "The Sun" and "Mia Zografia". In addition, the singer is a six-time winner of the MAD Video Music Awards.

Last year Greece with the group "Argo" failed to get to the Eurovision final for the first time in the history of the country's participation in this contest. The musical team from the city of Thessaloniki left the stage in the first semifinal. Let's hope that Demy will reach the finals and, with the support of the fans of her talent, will be able to win the first place for herself and her homeland.

The girl was not engaged in career of the vocalist till 2011. She studied in a law school, but even then she exposed her work to criticism among network users. It was on the YouTube channel that Panik Records noticed her, and the girl turned into a real singer.

Demy debuted on the big stage with the song "Mia Zografia" and the song had a great success in Greece and Cyprus. And her debut album "Mono Mprosta", which included a single called “OGE”, was released in May 2012, reaching No. 1 in the Greek charts and gaining a gold status.

In the summer of 2012, Demy traveled to Russia, where she sang the song "Fallin" at the music festival Europa Plus Live in Moscow along with Playmen.

The Song
At Eurovision 2017 Greece will be represented by Demy

The selection committee of the public television of Greece together with thousands of Greek viewers chose the song that will go to represent the country for Eurovision in Kiev. This year, the Greeks chose not the performer, because he, or rather she - Demy, was appointed unilaterally, but voted for one of the three proposed songs:

  • Angels
  • This is Love
  • When the Morning Comes Around

And now, the song is approved. The song "This is Love" won 70% of the audience's votes. The words of the song were written by the sister of the singer Demy, and the music was composed by the famous Greek composer Dimitris Kondopoulos. The concert show for Eurovision-2017 will be performed by the famous choreographer Fokas Evaggelinos. It seems that the song "This is Love" is a worthy bid to win. This time the Greeks decided not to indulge in any subtexts and semantic backgrounds, but simply created an easy and pleasant potential pop hit, corresponding to the canons of the European aesthetics of the mass culture.

Greece and its steps in Eurovision

Greece performedat Eurovision 36 times, making its debut in 1974 and conceding the contest six times. It managed to win the contest once in 2005 in Kiev: the victory was brought by the native of Sweden Helena Paparizou, having performed the song "My Number One".

Greece was only two times in the Top-5 of Eurovision in the XX century: in 1977 and 1992, it occupied the 5th place. In the 21st century, in addition to the victory won in 2005, Greece took the 3rd place three times in 2001 (Antique Group), 2004 (SakisRouvas) and 2008 (Kalomir). In 2016, the Greek band Argo presented the song “Utopian Land”.

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