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Behind the Curtains of Eurovision 2017

Published 11 Mar 00:00

Behind the Curtains of Eurovision 2017

Organizers of the international song contest, which will be held in Kiev in 2017, named the team of the main hosts. Three men hosts will conduct the first in the history of the show Eurovision 2017: Volodymyr Ostapchuk, Oleksandr Skichko and Timur Miroshnychko.

Who are they?

The hosts were chosen based on the results of the competition, held in several stages. Alongside with the experience of conducting television shows on the air, the prsenters had to demonstrate their knowledge of English, confidence, sense of humor,artistry and a variety of talents.

Volodymyr Ostapchuk and Oleksandr Skichkohave significant experience in conducting shows and live broadcasts. They, according to the organizers, are bright TV characters who can boast a great sense of humor and fluency in English.

Timur Miroshnychko is an expert of Eurovision, presenter of UA: Pershij channel. He was a commentator of the contest from 2011 and hosted Junior Eurovision in Kiev in 2009 and 2013. He will act as the host of the Green Room, supporting thecontestants while they are waiting for the results.

"We did not set out to seek such a combination of leaders, but when we saw their talents, we decided that it would be great for the three guys to lead the show. Oleksandr, Volodymyr and Timur are full of enthusiasm and we have already started working on preparing for the song contest,” explained Eurovision Song Contest producer 2017 Stuart Barlow.

While preparing for the photoshoot in Kyiv, the three new hosts were in a high mood, happy and relaxed although were preparing for the closeups! You are welcome to read about the hosts in the special feature on Oleksandr, Volodymyr and Timur.

Meeting of the organizers of Eurovision 2017 with the diplomatic representatives
Behind the Curtains of Eurovision 2017

The organizers of Eurovision 2017 held a meeting with the diplomatic representatives of the countries participating in the contest on the process of preparing Ukraine for the event.

The meeting was also attended by representatives of the team of the organizers of the Eurovision-2017 including the Communications Manager Julia Golovlyova, international PR manager Victoriia Sydorenko and contest host Timur Miroshnychko.

During the presentation of the international song contest, Timur Miroshnychkoand Viktoriia Sydorenko told the audience about the preparation for Eurovision 2017 and thanked the diplomats for supporting the project. "The interest of the international community in Eurovision once again confirms the importance of this event.The song contest is not just a show, it's an opportunity to come together for representatives of different countries and cultures, united by a love for good music," said Timur Miroshnychko.

In her turn, Victoriia Sydorenko added that the competition is another chance for Ukraine to present itself to the world, to show the country from the best side.

"Already in May visitors from all over Europe will come to Ukraine and we are doing everything possible to make Eurovision Song Contest 2017 and Kiev produce an indelible impression on each of them," Sydorenko assured.

"Culture is a very important sphere of public diplomacy, that's why we are striving to establish cooperation in this area and together with foreign countries to support various art projects," said the head of the Public Diplomacy Department Anatoliy Solovey.

Eurovision schedule

The song contest Eurovision 2017 will be held in Kyiv, Ukraine. The Semi-Finals will take place on May 9 and 11, while the date of the Grand Final is May 13. This is going to be the second time for Ukraine to be the host of the event.

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