Cyprus in Eurovision 2017: Hovig to compete in Kyiv

Published 02 Apr 18:51

Hovig Eurovision

At the Cyprus Eurovision 2017 internal selection, it was decided that the country will be represented by Hovig, a very popular and appreciated singer who rose to fame after competing in the Greek X Factor. On the stage in Kyiv, the artist will perform “Gravity”, a song written by none other than Thomas G:son, the same composer who wrote “Euphoria”, the song for which Sweden won Eurovision 2012.

A Few Facts That Define the Winner of the Eurovision Cyprus Internal Selection

Born on 3 January 1989 in the capital city of Nicosia, Hovig Demirjian, known simply as Hovig, is one of the most popular Cypriot singers of our time. The 28-year-old artist has Armenian origins. Although he initially studied marketing, the artist eventually realised that business work wasn’t for him and decided to pursue a music career. To this end, he took guitar, piano and jazz lessons.

How the Cyprus Eurovision 2017 Participant Became a Star
How the Cyprus Eurovision 2017 Participant Became a Star

Following his sudden shift from business to music, Hovig decided to try his luck in a musical contest in the Cypriot city of Larnaca. This proved to be a great move, as he won the second prize and became known in the country as “The Music Messenger”. Later on, he released his very first single, entitled "Den mou milas alithina (Istoria exei teleiwsei)". However, his big outburst of popularity came a bit later, when he enlisted for the second edition of the X Factor Greece TV show.

Hovig qualified for the X Factor with the popular Greek hit “Pote”. Throughout the show, he proved that he could do a great job at performing songs from all kinds of singers and genres. The public loved his interpretations of songs like The Fray’s “How to Save a Life”, Bon Jovi’s “You Give Love a Bad Name” or Ray Charles’ “Unchain my Heart”. Although he finished the televised competition in the seventh place, he became widely famous due to X Factor and eventually returned to Cyprus to start a solo career. In other words, Cyprus Eurovision show should be exciting to watch.

Hovig Eurovision – Will Cyprus Be One of the Eurovision 2017 Final Countries?

In the first semi-final, which will take place on 9 May, Hovig Demirjian will perform “Gravity” on the stage at the International Exhibition Centre in Kyiv. Cypriots certainly have reasons to hope for the best in what concerns the Hovig Eurovision act, as the song is the work of the same musician who wrote Loreen’s “Euphoria”, the song that got Sweden a flawless win at Eurovision 2012. However, regardless of the final results, viewers are bound to be delighted by Hovig’s unique style.

Don’t miss out on the first Eurovision 2017 semi-final, which will take place on 9 May in Kyiv. Whether you watch it on TV or online, you’re in for an astonishing performance from the Cypriot contestant. To find out more details about the Eurovision 2017 contestants, feel free to have a look at the other articles published on our site.

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