Estonia in Eurovision 2017: Koit Toome and Laura to compete in Kyiv

Published 03 Apr 05:47

Koit Toome and Laura Eurovision

This year’s edition of the Eesti Laul, the Estonia Eurovision national selection, was won by the renowned singers Koit Toome and Laura Põldvere. Both singers are former Eurovision contestants. Koit participated at Eurovision 1998, while Laura represented Estonia in 2005 with her girl band Suntribe. This year, the two artists teamed up to perform the song “Verona” in Kyiv.

Who Are the Two Eurovision Estonia Representatives

Born on 3 January 1979 in Tallinn, Koit Toome is not only a singer but also a musical actor. He acted in many popular productions, like “Les Miserables”, “Miss Saigon” or “West Side Story”. His uncle, Indrek Toome, served as Estonian Prime Minister between 1988 and 1990. Koit is married and has a daughter.

Born on 30 August 1988 in Tartu, Laura Põldvere is a professional Estonian singer. She completed her studies at the Berklee College of Music in Boston. Between 2014 and 2016, she was married to Joel-Rasmus Remmel, a renowned Estonian jazz pianist.

The Most Remarkable Performances of the Estonia Eurovision 2017 Representatives
The Most Remarkable Performances of the Estonia Eurovision 2017 Representatives

Koit Toome has been active on the Estonian music scene for over two decades. Towards the end of 1994, he established the pop duo Code One together with the musician Sirli Hiius. The group had great success all over the country but eventually disbanded in 1998. However, this was far from being the end of Koit’s career, as in the same year he participated at the Eurovision, finishing 12th with the song “Mere lapsed”. So far, he has released five studio albums.

Laura Põldvere’s career began with her participation at Eurovision 2005, which was also held in Kyiv. She represented Estonia with the single “Moonwalk”, as part of the band Suntribe, finishing 20th in the competition. In 2007, Laura released her very first album, entitled “Muusa”. Four years later, she released "Sädemeid taevast", a compilation of all her singles.

Koit Toome and Laura Eurovision – Will the Two Former Contestants get Estonia into the Eurovision 2017 Final Countries?

The Koit Toome and Laura Eurovision performance is one of the most expected acts in this year’s competition, as Estonians are ecstatic to see the two artists perform on a Eurosong stage for the second time. Their entry, “Verona”, is a song about love, inspired by Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Julieta”. The judges at the Estonian national selection praised the single for its cultural references and the remarkable voices of the two singers. Kit Toome and Laura Põldvere will sing during the second Eurovision 2017 semi-final, on 11 May.

Don’t forget to watch the romantic and refreshing performance of Kit Toome and Laura Põldvere at this year’s Eurovision. If you want to discover more about the duo and the Eurovision 2017 contestants they’ll face, read our other articles.

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