French in Eurovision 2017: Alma to compete in Kyiv

Published 29 Mar 09:47

Alma Eurovision 2017

The France Eurovision 2017 national selection was won by none other than Alexandra Maquet, known under the alias of Alma, one of the most remarkable young artists this country has to offer. At the final in Kyiv, Alma will perform the song “Requiem”, regarded by many as a poetic masterpiece. The touching lyrics of this single evoke the artist’s attempt to find everlasting love and passion.

A Few Facts About the Eurovision France Representative
Alma Eurovision 2017

Born on 27 September 1988 in Lyon, Alma is a one-of-a-kind singer and songwriter.Despite her relatively short career, she has already managed to establish herself as one of the best voices in the country. Fluent in English, Italian and Portuguese, the singer studied economics before starting her music career. All in all, it’s pretty amazing that a former business student can have such a thrilling and heavenly voice!

How the Eurovision France Representative Quickly Became Famous

Alma Eurovision arrival on behalf of France came as a great surprise to everyone, as the artist has only recently discovered her passion for music. She began writing songs during her travels, as a hobby. Although she had already graduated from economics, she decided to focus exclusively on music and moved to Paris.

The singer and songwriter won her first followers after her digital platform releases. Her debut single, entitled "La chute est lente", was released last year. Eventually, Alma caught the attention of Nazim Khaled, the one who wrote the song for last year’s Eurovision competitor, Amir. The famous songwriter wrote many of the songs on Alma’s very first studio album, which is to be released in May this year.

Eurovision 2017 Final Countries – Watch Alma’s Performance on 13 May

According to the long-established tradition of the Eurosong music competition, the countries that are part of the “Big Five” monetary contributors to the European Broadcasting Union are automatically qualified for the Eurovision final regardless of the preliminary rankings. As a result, the Alma Eurovision 2017 performance will definitely take place on the Eurovision stage at the grand finale in Kyiv on 13 May. Her song “Requiem” is by far one of the most touching pieces entered in the competition. And her unique and lovely voice is definitely a great advantage!

We believe it would be a real shame if you missed the dreamlike live performance of Alma at this year’s Eurovision! Regardless of whether or not she’ll win the competition, she’s bound to put on a great show. And after all, the Eurosong contest is about a lot more than just winning or losing – it’s about high-quality entertainment and celebrating art. To learn more about Alma and the other Eurovision 2017 contestants who will face off in this year’s Eurovision, take a quick look at the other pages of our website.

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