Georgia in Eurovision 2017: Tamara Gachechiladze to compete in Kyiv

Published 19 Mar 10:21

Tamara Gachechiladze Eurovision

At the Georgia Eurovision 2017 national final, the pop singer Tamara Gachechiladze was chosen to represent the country in Kyiv with the song “Keep The Faith”. The artist is best known for qualifying for Eurovision 2009 as part of the pop group Stephane & 3G. However, she was disqualified at that time because her song “We Don’t Wanna Put In” had strong political connotations.

Who Was Selected as the Eurovision Georgia Representative

Nicknamed “Tako”, Tamara Gachechiladze is a famous Georgian pop singer, R&B and soul singer. She was born on 17 March 1983 in the capital city of Tbilisi. The 33-year-old artist became famous all over the country due to her involvement with the quartet Stephane & 3G, a group which tried to become Georgia Eurovision representative two times in a row.

The Past Attempts of the Georgia Eurovision 2017 Contestant
Tamara Gachechiladze Eurovision

Tamara Gachechiladze is no stranger to the Eurovision music competition. She is in fact on her third attempt of singing on a Eurosong stage. She first participated in the Georgian national selection for Eurovision 2008, with the pop group Stephane & 3G. However, at that time she didn’t get enough votes to wear Georgia’s flag.

In spite of this failure, Tamara didn’t give up on her dream of singing at Eurovision and enlisted again next year. This time, she actually managed to win the national selection with her group and was to represent Georgia at Eurovision 2009. However, her band was eventually removed from the competition, as their song “We Don't Wanna Put In” had a pretty obvious political message against Russia and Vladimir Putin, which came in contradiction with the rules of the competition.

Tamara Gachechiladze Eurovision – Will Georgia Be Amongst the Eurovision 2017 Final Countries?

After two failed attempts, Tamara Gachechiladze now finally has the chance of singing live on the Eurovision stage. Will she fulfil her lifelong dream of winning the competition? For now, it all depends on how well she’ll perform during the first Kyiv semi-final on 9 May. The Tamara Gachechiladze Eurovision song, “Keep The Faith”, has a very powerful and inspirational message. The lyrics, which the singer wrote herself, talk about determination and self-belief and condemn all kinds of discrimination.

If you are interested in witnessing Tamara Gachechiladze’s spectacular live performance in Kyiv, don’t forget to watch the semi-final on 9 May! To learn more interesting facts about the Georgian singer and the Eurovision 2017 contestants she will compete with for the title, take a look at our other articles.

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