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How about walking in the Triana Park with Latvia at Eurovision 2017?

Published 12 Mar 00:00

How about walking in the Triana Park with Latvia at Eurovision 2017??

The Triana Park band with the song “Line” won the final of the national competition Supernova 2017 and will represent Latvia at the international Song Contest Eurovision in Kiev. Since Supernova started in 2015, Latvia has qualified for the Grand Final.

In the project Supernova 2017, there were 22 participants, but only one of them got the right to represent Latvia at Eurovision in Kyiv. During the previous heats the contestants were defined by the televoters and the jury, but the Triana Park was chosen only by the public votes. You can read about this in the live story feature. This band has already participated in the selection for the Eurovision Song Contest a number of times. Their debut album “Entertainment” appeared in 2010.

The Results

For the right to represent Latvia at Eurovision competed such contestants as My Radiant You band, as well as the performers The Ludvig and Santa Daneleviča.As a result, the standing looked as follows:

  • Triana Park - Line (1st)
  • My Radiant You - All I Know (2nd)
  • The Ludvig - I'm In Love With You (4th)
  • Santa Daņeļeviča - Your Breath (3rd)

The Riga Beaver, which is a cult figure for the fans of Supernova, has also appeared during the show.

How the Winners were Chosen
How about walking in the Triana Park with Latvia at Eurovision 2017?

Latvijas Televizija, the broadcaster in Latvia, informed that Spotify streaming would be included into the voting at the Supernova final 2017. The extra is a reflection of the move from physical music sales to streaming and downloads. According to the Commercial Director in Universal Finland Petri Mannonen, Supernova in a partnership with Spotify is a completely new approach to the users of digital music in the selection process. This is rather reasonable as the tracks that became popular thanks to Spotify have good reasons to succeed.

Strategy and Operations Lead for Universal in CEE and Baltics, Przemek Pluta, commented that they were glad to work in a cooperation with the Supernova. Spotify is a famous resource and the source of information for lots of young people in the country. This was the first time that consumption data have been used at the Eurovision qualification.

Latviaand its steps in Eurovision

Latvia took part in the Eurovision Song Contest 17 times, debuting at Eurovision 2000, where the groupBrainstorm took the 3rd place with the song "My Star". The first and so far the only victory of Latvia was brought by Maria Naumova, who participated in Eurovision 2002 with the song "I Wanna". This year the Triana Park is going to be the 18th performer to represent Latvia in the contest. Latvia has managed to score its third top five placing in 2005 and it was also in Ukraine. Will Latvia be able to return to the top five in Ukraine again?

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