Iceland in Eurovision 2017: Svala to compete in Kyiv

Published 04 Apr 05:43

Svala Eurovision

At this year’s Söngvakeppnin, the Iceland Eurovision preselection show, 62.5% of the viewers voted for Svala Björgvinsdóttir. Therefore, the popular Icelandic singer will be the country’s representative in Kyiv. She will perform the song “Paper” during the first semi-final, on 9 May. Svala is famous for many internationally successful hits as well as for her involvement with the electronic house band Steed Lord.

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Svala Björgvinsdóttir was born on 8 February 1977 in the capital city of Reykjavík. She inherited her great music talent from her father, Björgvin Halldórsson, known for representing Iceland at Eurovision 1995. Svala recorded her first song at the age of 7. She also studied ballet and tried her luck in business by launching her own clothing line. In 2013, she married Einar "Mega" Egilsson, who is also a member of Steed Lord.

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Svala was an amazing singer even as a child. She had first important success at the age of nine when her Christmas song "Fyrir Jól" became a number one hit. When Svala was 16, she joined the band Scope. Their cover song, "Was That All It Was", became a huge hit in the 90s. Later on, she became part of the indie dance funk band Bubbleflies, which was very popular on Icelandic radio stations.

In 2000, Svala moved to Los Angeles to work alongside some of the greatest names in the music industry. One year later, she released her very first album, “The Real Me”. The title song was a giant hit and had a great position on the Billboard top 40 singles chart. Svala Björgvinsdóttir reached the peak of her career when she formed the electronic house band Steed Lord together with her high-school boyfriend, Einar "Mega" Egilsson, who is now her husband, and her brother, Edvard "Eddie" Egilsson. The group rapidly achieved global fame and has toured in many cities from Europe and North America.

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The Svala Eurovision entry will be performed on 9 May, during the first semi-final. Icelandic people have very high expectations for her act, as the artist has proven countless time that she’s an amazing performer! Featuring some electrifying rhythms, “Paper” is a song that has a very strong message. The lyrics are highly inspirational and talk about dealing with your problems by staying true to yourself.

Watch Svala’s performance at the first Kyiv semi-final by all means, as you’re in for a sensational act from one of the greatest Icelandic singers of all times! To learn more about the Eurovision 2017 contestants, look at our other articles.

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