It was decided who will represent Estonia at Eurovision 2017

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It was decided who will represent Estonia at Eurovision 2017

Tallinn's Saku Suurhall hosted the final of the EestiLaul. The winner will present Estonia at Eurovision 2017 in Kiev and this is the duet of KoitToome and Laura with the song “Verona”. They will take part in the Semi-Final on May 11th.

Ten performers took part in the final part of the EstiLaul contest. Voting took place in two stages. In the first round, jury members and viewers voted, and in the second - only the audience, which of the three super finalists is the best. In the super final, 81,000 people voted, 55%of whichchose the “Verona” song performed by Laura and KoitThome.

About the Duet

Participants of the duo have already tried their skills at the stage of Eurovision in different years. The famous Estonian performer Koit Toomehas already represented Estonia at the Eurovision Song Contest held in Birminghamin 1998. Koitwas a member of the group Code Oneand performed with the song "Mere Lapsed". Then the singer took the 12th place.Toome recorded five albums - three solos and two in the Code One group.

Singer Laura began her career in 2005. At Eurovision 2005 in Kyiv, Estonia was represented by the maiden group Suntribe, one of whose participants was Laura. She tried to pass the national selection several times and in 2016 she was the 2nd thanks to the song “Supersonic”. Since 2005, she has released some albums and singles.

The Selection

In the finale of EestiLaul, ten strongest performers took part:

  1. Liis Lemsalu - Keep Running
  2. Koit Toome ja Laura - Verona
  3. Whogaux & Karl-Kristjan feat. Maian - Have You Now 4th
  4. Lenna Kuurmaa - Slingshot
  5. Daniel Levi - All I Need
  6. Elina Born - In or Out
  7. Ivo Linna - Suur loterii
  8. Rasmus Rändvee - This Love
  9. Ariadne - Feel Me Now
  10. Kerli - Spirit Animal

And three of them were selected:Koit Toome ja Laura, Rasmus Rändvee and Kerli.

It was decided who will represent Estonia at Eurovision 2017

This year the rules of the EestiLaul contest have been slightly changed. The right to vote received both the jury and the viewers. In the first part of the show, Laura and KoitToome impressed with their performance, and the audience gave them most of the votes. The second position was taken by Kerli with her song "Spirit Animal", and the third position went to Rasmus Randwee and his compositions "This Love".In the second round only the audience could choose the best of the best performers and 55% of them chose “Verona”.

Among the participants are those who have already been to Eurovision or tried the selection in the past. This is Elina Born (in a duet with Stig Rästa 2015), Lenna Kuurmaa (together with Vanilla Ninja for Switzerland 2005), Laura (selection 2005) and Ivo Linna (selection 1996). In addition, there are a number of last year's applicants of EestiLaul, including Daniel Levy and Lis Lemsalu.

Estonia and its steps in Eurovision

The first steps of Estonia in Eurovision were in 1994 with Silvi Vrait and “Nagu Merelaine” in Dublin. And in general, the first steps of Estonia were rather successful. In the period from 1996 to 2002, they were in in the top 10 in six out of seven events. In 2000, they were the 4th, in 2001 – the 1st and in 2002 – the 3rd. The winning in 2001 was the first after 1989.

However, between 2004 and 2008 the country did not succeed to qualify for the contest until in 2009 EestiLaul appeared. After this, Estonia has being taken its places in the grand Final during 7 years.

You can read more about EestiLaul 2017 in our live story.

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