Italy in Eurovision 2017: Francesco Gabbani to compete in Kyiv

Published 29 Mar 10:04

Francesco Gabbani Eurovision 2017

It came as no surprise that Francesco Gabbani was chosen as the Italy Eurovision 2017 representative, as he became famous after winning the newcomers’ section of the Sanremo Musical Festival 2016, which is basically the forefather of the Eurovision. His song, “Occidentali’s Karma” provides a unique view on Eastern cultures and the so-called “westernisation”.

The Portrait of the Eurovision Italy Competitor

Francesco Gabbani is a 34-year-old Italian singer and songwriter born in Carrara on 9 September 1982. Passionate about the guitar and the piano, the singer is best known for his histrionic lyrics, which ridicule various aspects of today’s culture and society.

The Eurovision Italy Representative’s Fascinating Road to Success
Francesco Gabbani Eurovision 2017

Francesco Gabbani is an artist unlike any other. It would be practically impossible to find a singer who illustrates the exact same style as Francesco’s! His very first studio album, “Greitist Iz”, was released in 2013 and had a pretty good peak chart position. However, his true rise to stardom occurred three years later, when he participated in the Sanremo Music Festival 2016.

Gabbani managed to delight all spectators present at Sanremo with his song “Amen”, for which he won the newcomers’ section of the competition. As a result of his great success, his second album, “Eternamente ora”, which featured “Amen” as the lead single, enjoyed an amazing popularity all over Italy, reaching the 18th position in the national charts. The artist also won this year’s Sanremo Music Festival edition with the same song he’ll perform at the Eurovision. Last year, Francesco also composed the soundtrack of a popular Italian movie called “Poveri ma ricchi”, so Francesco Gabbani Eurovision arrival is much anticipated.

Eurovision 2017 Final Countries – Francesco Gabbani to Sing "Occidentali's Karma" in Kyiv

Italy is part of the five most important contributors to the EBU, which is why the Francesco Gabbani Eurovision 2017 participation the Kyiv final will happen no matter what score he gets in the semi-final. However, we believe he wouldn’t have anything to worry about anyways, as there is a big chance that he will get a great result in the preliminary phase!

Gabbani’s song, "Occidentali's Karma", has some very sarcastic and sometimes hilarious lyrics which criticise the way in which countries from the West try to “westernise” the Oriental civilisations. Seeing as the hit has already brought Gabbani a victory at Sanremo, he may have a shot at emerging victorious in the Kyiv final on 13 May.

Whatever you do, don’t forget to watch the Eurovision 2017 Kyiv final! You’re in for a pretty amazing performance from the Italian singer and songwriter, as well as from other Eurovision 2017 contestants. Watch this year’s Eurovision Music Contest, and you may witness how history is being written!

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