Netherlands in Eurovision 2017: OG3NE to compete in Kyiv

Published 29 Mar 13:15

OG3NE Eurovision

At the Netherlands Eurovision national preselection, which was organised internally by the Dutch broadcaster, the group OG3NE was chosen to perform at the Kyiv competition. The band is made of three sisters, Lisa, Amy and Shelley Vol. The girls are famous for their participation at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2007 and their victory at The Voice of Holland. On the stage in Ukraine, they will sing “Lights and Shadows”.

Who Are The 3 Girls Chosen as Eurovision The Netherlands Representatives

The three sisters were born in Dordrecht and grew up in the Dutch town of Fijnaart. Lisa, the oldest of the siblings, was born on 21 June 1994. The other two sisters, Amy and Shelley, are twins and were born on 18 October 1995. They established the group OG3NE in 2007 when they enlisted for the Junior Eurovision competition. The name of the band comes from the blood group of the girls’ mother as well as their common genes.

How The Netherlands Eurovision 2017 Contestants Rose to Fame
OG3NE Eurovision

OG3NE’s first important achievement was their representation of The Netherlands at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2007 in Rotterdam. The sisters performed the song "Adem in, adem uit", which they wrote themselves. In the competition, they placed 11th, which was a pretty good position considering that they were only at the beginning of their career. One year after their Junior Eurovision performance, the girls went on to release their very first album, entitled “300%”. Their second album, “Sweet 16”, came later, in 2011.

In 2014, Lisa, Amy and Shelley appeared on the fifth season of the popular television programme The Voice of Holland. After doing a perfect job throughout the entire show with their unique interpretation of songs like Ed Sheeran’s “I See Fire”, Justin Timberlake’s “Mirrors” or Pussycat Dolls’ “Buttons”, the girls became the undisputed winners of the contest. Last year, they released their third album, “We Got This”, which reached the first position in Dutch charts.

OG3NE Eurovision – Will the Sisters’ Trio Advance The Netherlands to the Eurovision 2017 Final Countries?

Everyone in The Netherlands is anxiously waiting to watch the OG3NE Eurovision live performance, which will be held on 11 May, during the second semi-final. With their pop single, “Lights and Shadow”, which features a very catchy rhythm, the girls demonstrate their strong vocal skills. The lyrics of this song were written by Rick Vol, the father of the three sisters.

On 11 May, watch the second Kyiv semi-final and witness the powerful performance of OG3NE, the highly-accomplished three-piece girl band that won the hearts of the Dutch. To find out a few things about the Eurovision 2017 contestants who will compete against the sisters, look at our other articles.

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