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Welcome to our special news section, which is fully dedicated to keeping you informed about the most recent developments regarding Eurosong 2017. Be sure to check this page regularly, so that you don’t miss out on anything important!

Keep an Eye on Eurovision 2017 Final Participants

We’re fully committed to keeping you up to date with everything related to the singers that participate in this year’s event. We’ll let you in on whenever there are any changes regarding the competitors and the songs they enter the competition!

Stay Up to Date with The Eurovision 2017 Program

Our section offers you the opportunity to take a glance behind the scenes of the 2017 Eurovision song festival. If there’s even a slight modification regarding the structure and program of the contest, we’ll post it here right away!

Be the First to Know Who Wins Eurovision 2017

Our website is the best place to find out about the winner of this year’s competition! We’ll keep the Eurovision televoting process under close surveillance and let you know what the viewers and the juries decide in real time!

Look on our top-notch news section on a regular basis, and you’ll always know what goes on with the battle for the Eurovision 2017 final. Stay tuned for more!