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O’G3NE Group to Represent The Netherlands at Eurovision 2017

Published 10 Mar 00:00

O'G3NE Group to Represent The Netherlands at Eurovision 2017

This year the Netherlands sends to Kiev a maiden trio with the original name O'G3NE for the annual song contest Eurovision.

About the Trio

Participants of the group are sisters Lisa, Emmy and Shelley Vol. In the abbreviation O'G3NE is their mother's blood group (0), as well as the word ‘gene’ is encrypted. So the girls immortalized their kinship in the work.

The sisters already have an experience of participating in this prestigious competition. However, 10 years ago in the Junior Eurovision the group took only the 11th place.

"It's fantastic that ten years after our participation in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest we will be able to represent the Netherlands again, this time at an adult competition. We are proud that AVROTROS has believed in us and we are looking forward to this fascinating adventure. After the Junior Eurovision Song Contest and Victory in Holland's Voice show, this is a new key moment in our career. We will try our best to make the Netherlands proud of us,” Lisa, Emmy and Shelley say.

Immediately after winning the Holland Voice show, O'G3NE topped the iTunes charts with the tracks 'Magic', 'Change will come' and 'Emotions'. In 2015, they performed at the Vrienden van Amstel Live concert series in Ahoy Hall, then they sang along with Olli Mörs on his European tour at HMH and this year they will have a performance at the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam during the Symphonica Tour with their teacher in the Voice show Marco Borsato. Also, in 2016 O'G3NE took part in the program "DebestezangersvanNederland". It brought them a new success, and the track 'Clown', performed on the show, hit the iTunes charts and received compliments from Emely Sande.In October, they went on their first concert tour 'Three Times a Lady'.Now O'G3NE has three studio albums, the last of which "We Got This", rose to the first line of the Dutch national musical chart.

O'G3NE Group to Represent The Netherlands at Eurovision 2017

AVROTROS CEO Eric van Stadesaid: "In recent years we have worked with experienced artists, and this year we again tried to get some of the most popular performers of the Netherlands to participate in the Eurovision Song Contest. In a short time, the girls became favorites for the audience and deserved the right to represent the country. This is also evident by hundreds of thousands of subscribers on Facebook and Twitter and a million views on YouTube, and we are confident that the whole of Europe will be impressed by the voices of our three sisters.

The Song

The song of the trio has long been a secret, but later it has become known that 'Lights and Shadows' with which the trio O'G3NE will represent the Netherlands at the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 in Kiev is a powerful ballad by which the girls from the group are famous. The authors of the song are Rick Vol, the father of the sisters, and Rory de Kivit, Shelley’s boyfriend.

The Netherlands and its steps in Eurovision

The Netherlands is one of the oldest participants in the competition, because the country debuted in the very first Eurovision in 1956 in Lugano. The second victory of the whole contest of European songs came to the Netherlands in 1957. In total, the Netherlands has four wins: Corrie Brocken (1957), Teddy Scholten (1959), Lenny Kur (1969) and Teach-In (1975).

In recent years, the Dutch have problems with reaching the final. But we hope that soon the Netherlands will surprise us with its hit.

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