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Questions that may interest you

Published 16 Mar 00:00

Questions that may interest you

How to see the national selections for Eurovision?

Numerous countries broadcast the national selections. This broadcasting is encouraged to give the possibility to audience worldwide to watch the selections thanks to live online streaming via their own platforms or the third-party live streaming services like YouTube. Eurovision.tv publishes the information as to where to see the broadcasting and when. See the national selection calendar to find the existing live streams.

How to see Eurovision contest?

Every broadcaster that participates alongside with other members of the EBU (European Broadcasting Union) shows the event. The show is also broadcast worldwide at Eurovision.tv, so you can visit the webcasts on our WebTV page.

How to purchase tickets for Eurovision?

You cannot buy tickets for Eurovision 2017 yet. It will be possible to get more information at Eurovision.tv when this information appears and the data will be known.

How wide is the audience of the show?

About 200 million people watched the Contest 2015.

What are the peculiarities of the voting?

Previously, the professional jury’s points and the spectators’were combined, having 50 percent each. But beginning from 2016, juries and audience have a possibility to vote individually on the system from 1 to 8, 10 and 12 points. Then, the top 10 countries will get points from both the judges and the audience, which guarantees a certain degree of excitement. See the voting section for additional info.

Who can use the logo of Eurovision?

Only the broadcasters and official sponsors can use the logo and theme art of Eurovision. Media only in editorial context and according to the rulescan use the theme artwork or the logo by. It is forbidden to use in for any commercial purposes. See further details in the press section.

How to receive a press accreditation?

If you need accreditation, you can get it until 23:59 on Friday, April 8, 2016. For any extra information, go to accreditation pages of the press section.

How to be the participant of Eurovision?

The participating Broadcasters select the singers and entries. The Members of the EBU are these broadcasters of the contest. In our case, we can say that broadcasters make the choice but not the country that participate. For example, in the UK,this is the BBC, in Sweden – SVT, in Germany – NDR, etc.

The Contest’s organizers do not select the entries, but only guarantees that all the entries are according to the rules. We mean that you should apply to the broadcasters to find out how to become the contestant. Further information can be found here.

What is the specialty of the Contest organization?

The EBU and the Host Broadcaster supervise the Eurovision Song Contest every year. Eurovision Reference Group is the executive committee for all participants and its aim is to supervise and direct the contest. If you need extra details, you can read them here.

Questions that may interest you

What are the rules of the show?

Being an international event,Eurovision has certain rules to follow. These rules are usually made known in autumn of the year before the event. Here are the rules of 2016.

What about Kosovo?

Kosovo is forbidden to take part in Eurovision Contest, because they are not in the EBU or Associate. However, their public service broadcaster RTK will broadcast the event in 2017, but Kosovo will not be the participant of the show. However, the ESC Reference Group is mandated to make an exception to the Rules in this particular case.

Why has Australia become the contestant ofEurovision?

Australia has been broadcasting the show for about 30 years. Its broadcaster SBS has become an Associate of the EBU and in 2015 it was invitedon the 60th anniversary of Eurfovision. In the following two years, 2016 and 2017, SBS was invited to become the broadcaster again and the EBU Reference Group voted to provide Australia with the possibility of becoming the participant. However, Australia’s permanent membership is not decided yet.

Can Australia host the show in case of winning?

If the Australian contestant wins Eurovision 2017, the next event will be held by the Australian broadcaster SBS and some European public broadcaster in Europe.

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