Russia in Eurovision 2017: Julia Samoylova to compete in Kyiv

Published 04 Apr 06:43

Julia Samoylova Eurovision

At the Russia Eurovision preselection, organised internally by Channel One, the young pop singer Julia Samoylova was chosen to represent the country in Ukraine. Julia’s story is a moving and inspirational one, as the artist worked hard to become a star in spite of the fact that she is stuck in a wheelchair. On the stage in Kyiv, she will perform her latest hit, “Flame is Burning”.

Who is the Young Singer Chosen to Be the Eurovision Russia Contestant

Born on 7 April 1989 in the industrial town of Ukhta, Yuliya Olegovna Samoylova is a famous Russian singer and composer. When she was only a child, the artist suffered from spinal muscular atrophy, caused by a hereditary illness, which stopped her legs from functioning. Since then, she has been forced to use a wheelchair. Julia has a degree in psychology.

The Heart-warming Story of Success of Russia Eurovision 2017
The Heart-warming Story of Success of Russia Eurovision 2017

Julia’s story is something from which all of us can learn something. Against all the odds, she managed to overcome her handicap and become a celebrity. She began by holding live gigs in a restaurant in Ukhta, where her audience was made mostly of oil workers. In 2008, she established the heavy alternative band TerraNova, which was active for two years.

Julia Samoylova became popular in all of Russia after appearing in the third season of Faktor A, the Russian version of X Factor. After a series of memorable performances, she made it to the final, where she placed second. One year later, Julia led the choir that performed the song “Together” at the opening ceremony of the Sochi 2014 Paralympic Winter Games.

Julia Samoylova Eurovision – Will Russia Be One of the Eurovision 2017 Final Countries?

The Julia Samoylova Eurovision performance on 11 May, during the second Ukraine semi-final, is an event that all Russians are looking forward to. Julia Samoylova’s entry, “Flame is Burning”, is a very emotional and uplifting song. The singer has an amazing voice which oozes power and confidence. One of the composers of the song, Leonid Gutkin, is at his third Eurovision participation. He also wrote Dina Garipova’s 2013 entry, which placed fifth in the final, and Polina Gagarina’s 2015 hit, "A Million Voices", which placed second. Under these circumstances, Julia Samoylova has quite a good chance of obtaining a perfect result.

Don’t miss out on the second Eurovision 2017 semi-final! On 11 May, you’re in for an astonishing performance from one of the most powerful female voices in the competition. If you want to learn more details about the Eurovision 2017 contestants, browse through the rest of our website.

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