Slovenia in Eurovision 2017: Omar Naber to compete in Kyiv

Published 30 Mar 08:52

Omar Naber Eurovision

At this year’s edition of the Evrovizijska Melodija (EMA), the Slovenia Eurovision national selection show, Omar Naber won the jury vote, qualifying for the Ukraine competition. The singer is at his second Eurovision participation, as he also represented Slovenia in 2005 with “Stop”. On the stage in Kyiv, Omar will perform his newest single, “On My Way”.

A Few Things About the Singer Who Was Chosen as the Eurovision Slovenia Representative Twice

Born on 7 July 1981 in the capital city of Ljubljana, Omar Kareem Naber is a famous Slovenian singer and songwriter. The artist is also of Arabic descent, his father being from Jordan. Omar has always had a fascination for music and started singing when he was 18. He rose to fame after winning the Slovenian version of the famous television programme Battle of the Talents.

How the Slovenia Eurovision 2017 Contestant Became a Star
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Omar Naber’s high-scale popularity begins with “Bitka talentov”, the Slovenian version of Battle of the Talents. The artist managed to face all challenges and make it to the grand finale, from which he emerged as the undisputed winner. Later on, he participated at the Eurovision 2005 with the song “Stop”. Unfortunately, he didn’t manage to make it to the final, placing 12th in the semi-final. Nevertheless, the single became a big hit.

In the same year, the singer released his very first studio album, entitled “Omar”, which also featured “Stop”. The album had a great success and Naber spent almost all of 2006 on tour, both in Slovenia and abroad. Since then, Omar has released two more albums, “Kareem” and “Na giavo”. Throughout his career, the artist has held live music shows in no less than 27 countries. Many of his songs are played regularly on Slovenian radio stations. At the moment, Omar is working on his fourth album, entitled “On My Way”.

Omar Naber Eurovision – Will the Artist Advance Slovenia to the Eurovision 2017 Final Countries This Time?

Slovenians are very excited about the Omar Naber Eurovision performance of the song “On My Way”. They hope that the singer has learned from his mistakes at the Eurovision 2005 and that this time he will manage to get past the semi-final. Omar Naber will sing live during the first Kyiv semi-final, on 9 May. All in all, “On My Way” is a great ballad with a strong Broadway feel. The rhythm is both soothing and dramatic, and the melody is greatly enhanced by the artist’s uplifting voice.

If you want to witness Omar Naber’s stellar live performance of his new power ballad “On My Way”, watch the first Kyiv semi-final on 9 May. Stay tuned for more interesting news on the Slovenian representative and the other Eurovision 2017 contestants he will confront.