Ukraine: Hosts of the Eurovision Song Contest 2017

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Ukraine: Hosts of the Eurovision Song Contest 2017

As the winner of 2016, Jamala determined the further course of the history. Traditionally, the most interesting discussions are around the contenderfor the right to present the host country on the main musical championship of Europe.

The grandiose victory of Jamala in Stockholm gave Ukraine the opportunity to conduct Ukrainian Eurovision 2017.24 participants competedfor the right to present Ukraine on the contest, among whomwere both famous musicians and new names.You can read about them at live story feature.

The national selection was divided into four parts: three semi-finals on the 4, 11 and 18 February 2017 and the final. Two best in the opinion of the judges and the viewers participants from each semifinal entered the finals. These were:

  1. Salto Nazad– “O Mamo”
  2. Melovin –“Wonder”
  3. O.Torvald– “Time”
  4. Iliaria– “Thank You For My Way”
  5. Tayanna– “I Love You”
  6. Rozhden– “Saturn”

The judges at the national selection were:

  • Konstantin Meladze - a composer and music producer;
  • Jamala - a Ukrainian singer, winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 2016, which was held in Stockholm, Sweden;
  • AndrijDanylko - a Ukrainian singer, known under the pseudonym VerkaSerduchka, a representative of Ukraine at the Eurovision Song Contest 2007 in Helsinki, Finland, where he took the 2nd place with the song "Dancing LashaTumbai".

SerhiiPrytula became the host in the selection shows.

The Results

Members of the jury of the national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 from Ukraine together with the audience selected the winner, who will present Ukraine at Eurovision 2017 in May. The results of judges’ voting in the final of the Eurovision 2017 Ukraine were:

  1. Salto Nazad - 1 point
  2. Melovin - 2 points
  3. O.Torvald - 5 points
  4. Illaria - 4 points
  5. Tayanna - 6 points
  6. Rozhden - 3 points

Before the votes of the viewerswere announced, KasiaMos from Poland presented the public a powerful rendition of her 2017 song “Flashlight”. Then comes the announcement. The audience voted as follows:

  • Salto Nazad- 3 points
  • Melovin- 6 points
  • O.Torvald - 5 points
  • Illaria- 1 ball
  • Tayanna- 4 points
  • Rozhden- 2 points

According to the vote count of the jury and viewers, the rock band O.Torvald with “Time” composition will present Ukraine at the Eurovision 2017. It should be noted that the viewers gave the greatest number of points (6 of 6) to the 19-year-old Melovin, but the jury awarded only 2 points to the participant. Thus, he scored 8 points in total.

The most points from the jury was awarded to Tayanna. On the total voting results, O.Torvald and Tayanna scored the same amount of points - 10, but since the audience awarded O.Torvald more points (5) than the singer Tayanna (4), the winner became the rock band as the rules of the competition state.

O.Torvald and “Time”

O.Torvald is a rock band with the frontmanZhenyaHalich, guitarist Denis Myziuk, drummer Sasha Solokha, bass guitarist MykytaVasyliev and DJ Polarnik. The collective was founded in Poltava in 2005, in 2006 the musicians moved to Kiev.During 11 yearsthey recorded five albums, played numerous concerts, performed at festivals and pubs (in the start of the creative path). The song "Time", which they presented, is about the fact that time, which is the only issue that is impossible to return.

Other contestants
Ukraine: Hosts of the Eurovision Song Contest 2017

The band Salto Nazadappeared in 2011, since then its composition has changed a couple of times, but the backbone is the same. They produce a mix of reggae, hip-hop, funk and electronics. They are famous for their victory at the Rap Music Festival, bright videos, concerts and the record "Tree". The band presented a composition in hip-hop and reggae styles about love - "O Mamo”.

19-year-old Konstantin Bocharov (Melovin) is known to the Ukrainian audience thanks to the victory in the sixth season of X-Factor. From the earliest childhood, he devoted himself to creativity - he was engaged in choreography, sang in a school choir and graduated with honors from a theater school. Having tried many creative professions, the artistrealized that music appeals the most to him and he wants to devote his life to it!In the selection for "Eurovision" Bocharov performed with the song “Wonder”, the chorus of which he wrote a year ago.

Katerina Prishchepa (Illaria) has Ukrainian and Greek roots, and her compositions are in the genre of folk-rock and ethno-rock. A 30-year-old singer from Kiev graduated from the Institute of Music. She has released three albums "Free", "13 Months" and "I'm alive". The singer already has an experience fighting for the right to present Ukraine at Eurovision. She took part in the selection in 2014 with the composition “I'm Alive” and took the fifth place.

Tayanna project appeared last year. But its participant TetianaReshetniak is longer on the stage. For the year of existence of the new band Tayanna released the first mini-album in 2016, Ukrainian producer Alan Badoevhelpedher in this. The author of all the songs is Tayannaherself. At the selectionshe presented the song “I love you” written together with the famous singer and composer Max Barskykh.

Rozhden started his musical way in 2012 and since thenhe released the album "The Truth". Rozhden was born and raised in Odessa. Not having graduated from any musical institution, he began to study music at the age of 14 years. Hip-hop was the first genre in which the artist began to make the first creative steps. "Saturn" is a song specially written for Eurovision. It contains elements of funk and hip-hop, in verses - tango.

Ukraine and its steps in Eurovision

Ukraine has been participating in the Eurovision Song Contest since 2003.The first who opened Eurovision for Ukraine was the famous Ukrainian tenor Alexander Ponomariov. His song Hasta la Vista took the 14th place in the final. Already in the next 2004, the representative of Ukraine was a colorful singer Ruslana with an equally bright song "Wild Dances", which brought her victory. In 2016, Jamala "blew up" Europe with a frank and fantastic performance of her hit "1944". It is thanks to the Crimean Tatar singer that after the 11-year break Eurovision returns to the Ukrainian land.

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