Ukraine in Eurovision 2017: O. Torvald to compete in Kyiv

Published 02 Apr 18:10

O. Torvald Eurovision 2017

The final of the Ukraine Eurovision 2017 national selection brought a pretty interesting surprise – this year, the country that hosts the competition will be represented by a rock band. And not any rock band! We’re talking about none other than O. Torvald, one of the most successful and popular names in Ukranian rock. Seeing as most songs that will be performed at this year’s Eurovision belong to the pop genre, O. Torvald Eurovision song “Time” will bring something new to the contest.

General Facts About the Eurovision Ukraine Representative

O. Torvald is a band that virtually any rock fan from Ukraine has seen live at least once. Established in 2005, in the city of Poltava, the band eventually moved to the capital city of Kyiv. It is in Kyiv that O. Torvald managed to get noticed and gain a huge fan base, as they started hosting live performances in some of the biggest venues in town. The 5-member band blends elements of genres like alternative rock, alternative metal and nu metal.

The Eurovision Ukraine Competitor’s Proudest Achievements
The Eurovision Ukraine Competitor’s Proudest Achievements

In over a decade of activity, O. Torvald has managed to become one of the most successful and appreciated bands in the entire history of Ukrainian rock music. After earning the respect of the fans with their live performances in Kyiv venues, the band released their first album in 2008, entitled “O. Torvald”. Since then, they have released six other albums, the latest one being “#ourpeopleareeverywhere” (2016).

Ukrainian rock lovers have had plenty of chances of listening to O. Torvald live, as the band has participated in many popular festivals, like Chervona Ruta, Prosto Rock, Krashche Misto UA or Global Gathering. In some of these events, they sang alongside world-class rock bands like Linkin Park, Garbage, Evanescence or The Rasmus.

Eurovision 2017 Final Countries – Will the Song “Time” Bring Ukraine Another Win?

Seeing as Ukraine hosts this year’s edition of the Eurovision Song Contest, O. Torvald will automatically advance to the Kyiv final without having to take part in the semi-finals. The O. Torvald Eurovision 2017 act will consist of the song “Time”, which has already made it to a high position in the national charts. Because of its catchy style, you’re bound to like this alternative metal single even if you are not a rocker. The song was chosen to represent the host country after a tiebreak with the singer Tayanna in the national selection phase.

Whether you do it online or on the TV, don’t forget to watch to watch the Eurovision 2017 Kyiv final, which will take place on 13 May, at 21:00. Witness an amazing performance from one of the most popular Ukrainian rock bands! Stay tuned for the latest developments on Eurovision 2017 contestants!

Facts & Figures
O. Torvald
Song for Eurovision
Career start
rock, alternative rock, alternative metal, nu metal
Moon Records
Group members
Yevhen Halych (vocals, guitar), Denys Myzyuk (guitar, backing vocals), Oleksandr Solokha (drums), Mykyta Vasylʹyev (bass), Mykola Rayda (piano, DJ)
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